2023 Canton Fair — Chinese Goods
2023 Canton Fair
2023 Canton Fair

It's time for another Canton Fair. Several thousand exporting companies from all over the world gather in one trade complex, showing visitors new products, most of which will be a hit of this year's sales. This year, thanks to the lifting of all coronavirus restrictions, things are finally getting back on track, and we can once again see the old China that is open for trade and business opportunities. Naturally, such a large-scale event could not pass us by. From April 16th till May 5th our team is gathering all the possible business contacts, updating catalogs, negotiating and collaborating. Canton Fair is the ideal opportunity to gather suppliers from all over China without having to fly around the Continent to dozens of cities. 

The 133rd Canton Fair is exhibited in three stages, each stage lasting 5 days.

April 15-19. The following products are on display: electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, computer parts, speakers, cell phones and much more.

April 23-27.  There will be exhibits of everyday consumer goods, gifts, and home decorations.

May 1-5. Textiles & Clothing, Footwear, Office Supplies, Luggage & Personal Care, Medicine & Health, Food and more will be on display.

If you want to see a catalog of products of the current exhibition, go to the page about us, and contact us in any convenient for you messenger. Also remind you of the service Business tour in China, which will help you personally visit the next Canton Fair.